EMI Shield Window

Recommended applications

- Blocking EMI without sacrificing transmittance
Standard size EMI shields for TFT and other displays with up to 45dB cut in emissions and 85% transparency. Realize custom ultra fine ITO over aluminium patterns with 10um width and 1um thickness for biometric and capacitive sensors.
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Noritake's EMI Shield Window

  • EMI filtering (Electric field) 45dB at 1M - 1000MHz
  • Optical : Transmittance 85%
  • Customizable blackened mesh design by CAD
  • Aluminium micro-mesh for EMI filtering
  • Blackened mesh for enhanced contrast
  • Material: Aluminium on Soda Lime Glass
  • Created by accurate photo-etching
  • Withstand the most demanding environment
  • Low Resistance 2 - 3 ohm

Performance data

Performance dataZOOM

Customization available

Traditional woven meshes are limited to straight lines with same thickness and are prone to inconsistency in wire spacing. The Noriake's photo-etched meshes can be customized to have:
- Multiple mesh line width
- Mesh patterns
- Photo-etching icon or text with the mesh
- Blackened aluminium micro-mesh
Optimized mesh design will allow more light to be transmitted and consistant replication from window to window.


Part Number
Display Size
Glass size
(ohm Typ.)
(um Typ.)

4.3 105 x 67 x 0.7 101x 59 2 10 85

5.7 127 x 98 x 0.7 123 x 90 2 10 85

7 164 x 104 x 0.7 160 x 96 2 10 85

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