why noritake itron vfd ?

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Good Visibility

advantage of VFD 1

Self-lighting display gives outstanding visibility

Wide viewing angle

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Hi-speed display response

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Good legibility

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Impression change by color filter

VFD gives a high-class, easy to see green illumination. Add a filter to change the color and improve contrast.
color filter
VFD color similation VFD Color Filter Simulator(IE)

The Reliable Display Solution

VFD photo
The high brightness of VFD allows smaller character heights to be used in more compact designs. You can read a 2.1mm character at 1 meter and a 5mm character at 2.5 meters.

Structure image of VFD

structure of VFD
The VFD is composed of three basic electrodes
  • Cathodes (Filaments)
  • Grids
  • Anodes (Phosphor)
Electrons emitted from the Cathodes are accelerated with positive potential applied to both Grid and Anode, which upon collision with the Anode excites the phosphor to emit the light. The desired illuminated patterns can be achieved by controlling the positive or negative potentials on each Grid and Anode.

VisibilityReliabilityAvailabilityDiversitySupportContact Reliability

advantage of VFD 2

Low operating temperature

Reliable operation in any environment

VFD is used in message critical applications since individual dot or segment failure does not occur during normal service life. VFD displays are capable of operating from -40C to +85C in high humidity conditions due to the materials and construction used.

VisibilityReliabilityAvailabilityDiversitySupportContact Availavility

advantage of VFD 3

High quality, Stable supply, Made in Japan

VFD products line

Supplying major VFD models for over 10 years

Major product lines have a long-term supply history of over 20 years. For discontinued items, customers are consulted for backwards compatibility in replacement products.
VFD application

VisibilityReliabilityAvailabilityDiversitySupportContact Diversity

advantage of VFD 4

Choose from over 100 types

Choose from over 100 VFD modules to match your application by size, function, interfaces, or embedded fonts, etc.

Simple, highly-functional command system

Simple command system for smooth application development. Many built-in functions to enable rapid development, such as embedded fonts, FROM storage, and programmable macros functions.

Series line up list

Graphic Type
GU-3000 High functional graphic module
GU-7000 Standard graphics module
GU-U LCD emulation graphic module
GU-800 Grayscale graphic module
Character Type
CU-U LCD-compatible character module
CU-Y High brightness character module
CU-T Basic character module
select by specification select by outline

VisibilityReliabilityAvailabilityDiversitySupportContact Technical Support

advantage of VFD 5
Sales Map
  • Technical information on website.
  • Direct support by technical staff.
  • Free development software.
  • Software library / drivers are available.
Sales office information


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