GE (OLED Display Module)


A 3.3V compatible embedded OLED display module equipped

with various fonts and a high-performance microcontroller.







GE's features are OLED's easy-to-read display

(high definition, high contrast, wide viewing angle)

and space-saving (thin, lightweight, and compact) usability.


Also, using the same command system as our

VFD module (GU-7000 series), you can easily display text

and images by simply sending a simple character code.


In addition, we have a code library that helps

customers shorten their development time!


Please try GE, a multifunctional display device

that is easy to develop and use.









Measuring equipment, medical equipment, EV chargers, 

data terminals, Industrial control equipment, POS, 

kitchen equipment, food processing equipment,

electric motorcycle, etc.





Color models are also under development!



We are currently developing a new compact color display model.

Please consider it for any purpose.





Product lineup

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