A new color OLED module is coming soon

To meet the demand for small color display devices for the industrial market, 

Noritake is currently developing a color OLED module. We expect to be able to introduce this as a new product this autumn.


- A small OLED module that like the command system of Noritake VFD module GU7000 series

- Vivid information representation with color display of text and icons

A compact display with a board size of 30 x 80 mm can display the information in a limited space such as a 1U rack

- Easy to display characters on screen by sending ASCII or Kanji character code

- Limits display colors to 256 colors to reduce image information amount and reduce the load on the host


- I/F: Asynchronous, SPI, and I2C

- Display area: 48.930 x 18.034 mm (approx. 2 inches)

- Resolution: 160 x 59 (RGB dot configuration)

- Fonts: ASCII, Kanji (Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean 16x16 dots)

- Power supply: 3.3V (display power /logic power)


- Display panels for industrial equipment (measurement, weighing, status display, etc.)

- Colorization of monochrome LCD/OLED display

[Product image]


Note: This item is in the development stage, the above product image and spec may be changed.

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