A new type has been added to the GT (LCD Touch Screen Modules) product range.
The new type is "GT-SP-series (GUI Controlled)"
This is a touch display for embedding in equipment that allows
easy screen development with PC and mouse operations.



Intuitive on-screen design with free development software!



We provide development support software
for GUI design free of charge.
You can intuitively design the screen by placing
buttons and text by dragging and dropping.


The action to take in response to touch inputs can also
be selected using the mouse, enabling rapid development
without needing to write program code.

Easy control, reduced load on host microcontroller!



The screen is easily controlled by commands sent from the
host microcontroller via a serial connection to the GT-SP.
The GT-SP is able to independently process touch inputs
and control the screen display,
significantly reducing the load on the host system.

Excellent touch performance of the GT range



Like the other types (GT-VP, GT-CP), the GT-SP is also
equipped with a highly sensitive capacitive touch panel.
You can comfortably operate the touch panel
even under harsh conditions such as
through gloves, covers, or in a wet environment.

Lineup & release date



First product to be released:
GTWV070S3A00P (7inch-size product)
Other sizes in the GT-SP series to follow soon.
Please consider implementing it in your equipment.
To enquire about this product, contact us using the form below.

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