Touch setting package data


On this page, you can download the touch setting package data of the GT.

Latest version

Touch setting package Ver e09 (2023/03/09)


Major changes and downloads of past versions

  • 2023/03/09

    ・Added some batch files
    ・Added search sheet
    ・Compatible with GTWS070VHA00P
    ・Revised APN820 - Touch Screen Sensitivity Adjustment Guide (04 >> 06)

  • 2022/01/10

    ・Added GTWX101VHB00P WET condition data (ID0060.bin)
    ・Revised APN820 - Touch Screen Sensitivity Adjustment Guide (03 >> 04)

  • 2021/02/22

    Also supports the product GTWX101VHB00P.

  • 2020/05/15

    "Disclaimer" in Readme.txt has been deleted.

  • 2020/05/11

    English ver.
    - Added Factory Default package data and DRY condition data.
    (ID0002-ID0007.bin, ID0020.bin, ID0025.bin, ID0035.bin)
    - Delete touch setting file selection manual.
    - Added APN820 document.
    - Changed the file name to "Readme_e.txt" from "Rev_Note.txt".

  • 2020/02/26

    Updated Selection Manual (r00 >>> r01)

  • 2020/02/07

    Initial issue.

What is a "Touch Setting Package Data"?

Touch Setting Package Data is convenient data that "more efficiently adjusts"
the touch sensitivity of GT(LCD Touch Screen Modules).
Touch Setting Package Data contains not only a threshold value but a 
"full set" of touch setting parameters, optimized for particular situations.   
Data has been prepared for several specific installation conditions. 
By selecting the configuration data that most closely matches your
requirements, and registering it in the GT,  you can then easily adjust the
touch sensitivity and get optimum touch performance from the touch panel.
The download file contains a PDF file called
"Touch Screen Sensitivity Adjustment Guide (APF820)".
Please refer to the file and register it in the module using
the corresponding development support software.

* Touch panel adjustment guidance can also be downloaded

For more information

Please refer to the leaflet for detailed information such as
"Assumed installation conditions" and "Touch sensitivity adjustment process".

Link to development support software page

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