GT-SP Design Tools【GT Design Studio】


Please ask us the actual latest version.

Latest version

GTDS Ver 0.940 (2023-10-17)


Major changes and downloads of past versions

GT-SP design tool that can be used intuitively

Tool main screen

GT Design Studio is a design tool that
supports the development of GT-SP
(LCD Touch Screen Modules GUI control type).

In addition to being able to intuitively arrange
objects such as text and buttons by dragging and
dropping, you can easily set the action when an
object is touched using the "event settings".

A detailed explanatory material, "User Guide,"
is also included, so even first-time developers
can use it with confidence.

How to use

1. Download GT Design Studio and install it on your PC


2. Connect GT-SP to PC and start GT Design Studio


3. Page creation & object placement, event settings, etc.


4. Register the completed project in GT-SP

User guide

There are three types of GT-SP explanatory materials, "user guides."

"1. Introduction"

"2. How to Use Design Tools"

"3. Host Control Edition"


 All of them are included with Design Studio, but if you wish to

refer to them individually, please download them separately

from the "Application Notes" page.


Go to "Application Notes" page

Operating environment

・Compatible product: GT-SP (LCD Touch Screen Modules GUI control type)

・OS: Windows 10/11

Terms of use/copyright

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