Program Macro Editor Compiler "MSousi"


Latest version

MSousi_E Ver 4.3.5b (2016/04/06)


Major changes and downloads of past versions

  • 2016/04/06

    Macro sample code for GU-B series have been added.

  • 2016/03/31

    GT series functions have been added.
    Minor bug fix.

  • 2015/11/10


Program Macro Editor Compiler for GU-3000, GU-B and GU-D series

MSousi is Windows(R) based software used to develop PMacro code for Noritake Itron VFD. MSousi can compile PMacro, write to display. MSousi is capable to write graphic images to flash memory on display.


How to use

  • Run downloaded file to install.
  • Connect Noritake display module to PC, and power up.
  • Set Macro Memory, COM port number and GU-Series name.
  • Write and edit a macro code.
  • Click compile button.
  • Click Download button.
  • Click Run button.
  • For details, please refer to attached documentation.
  • Sample macro and image data are installed in Document > Noritake > Msousi folder.


System Requirements

Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP, Windows 7(R), Windows 8(R) or Windows 10(R)

Terms and Conditions

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