Capacitive Touch Switch


Noritake's Glass Touch Switch
Luxurious design photo-etched with precision

Touch Switch is available in the following finishes: reflective, piano black, white, and transparent. Touch Switch's circuitry is photo-etched on the back side of the glass preventing wear and tear. Backside of the glass is also metallic coated which prevents discoloration.

Touch activated LED backlight

Integrated touch activated LED backlight is available with the Touch Switch and configurable to your requirement.

Fast and easy evaluation with Touch Switch modules
Integrated Touch circuit and driver

Touch Switch module integrates Touch circuit and driver allowing fast evaluation and reduces the development time.

Open collector device

Noritake's Touch Switch works as an open collector device with suprior sensitivity and allowing host to read output via serial interface.

Automatically illuminating LED backlight

Backlight driver is integrated into the module lighting up the LED when the switch is triggered. LED backlight can be controlled from the host.

Available module types

Touch Switch embedded to module with LED backlight, Touch Switch embedded to module without LED backlight, Module as daughter board, and Touch Switch only

Customization available
Design your own Touch Switch

In accordance with our wiring guideline, we can take your design and customize the Touch Switch.

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